You've created an amazing offer...
Now you want a WEBINAR 
to sell it, right?

(But there's a problem...)

It's a bit intimidating.  

What if it doesn't convert?

Or worse…

What if you crash and burn and damage your reputation?  Dang it.  That would so suck.

But you're smart! 

You already know you simply must have expert karate chops to create a webinar that converts (with integrity).  

Good!  You're my kind of people ;-) 

I bet you've already noticed... there are pretty much 2 types of webinar experiences:

1) (most) Hype-y sleazy salesfests, ug.

2) (a special few) Transformational moments of education nirvana, containing pure brilliance that changes people’s lives, delivers true value, and makes you grateful you’ve gotten to know the Host because you feel like you’ve gained a trusted expert and friend. True magic!

If you want your webinar to be part of the special few...

I’m thrilled to share with you my all-new 
Damn Good (Premium) Webinar 
(a one-time special edition, starting June 1st.) 

  • Do you want to create a transformational “teaching-selling” webinar but you just don’t know how?
  • Are you afraid your webinar might sound too salesy or full of hype… when what you really want is a world-class experience offering real value and solving real problems?
  • Are you worried about sounding like “the real you” and coming across as truly authentic… yet still including everything you "have to do" in a webinar ?
  • Are you wondering if you’ll actually connect with people so they “know, like, and trust” you… but acknowledge you're just not a webinar expert... yet?
Diane Holmes

Would you like to know all the
insider secrets and personal hacks
that I use when writing webinar scripts for my big-hearted,
premium clients?

Game on.  Let's do this.  

I'll help you...

  • Change people's lives with your message...
    creating a powerful experience they attend more than once!
  • Determine the "right" Call-To-Action...
    and master making offers and handling objections so you always feel uber confident.
  • Understand the easiest scriptwriting style for you...
    and write a script as AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING as your offer.
  • Leverage the 14 hidden conversations you must include in your webinar...
    to attract your ideal buyers PLUS make the buying decision really easy for them.
  • Attract only the best, most ideal buyers and sell "without selling"...
    so all the selling is done for you by the time you make your offer.
  • Incorporate your perfect personal story...
    without sounding like a bragger, whiner, or know-it-all.
  • Craft the "teaching" part of your webinar from scratch, with the expert goal to bridge the gap between audience and offer...
    instead of teaching previously created content (which usually backfires--the single biggest mistake newbies make that prevents them from making sales).

Danny Iny, Founder Mirasee

“Diane's mastery of the 'teaching/selling' webinar is evident every time she delivers a webinar... and she knows how to convert." 

“When you create a webinar, you want someone who has a deep understanding of audience and offer, as well as someone who can create an authentic relationship with the audience beyond a single Call To Action. That's Diane."

Danny Iny
- Founder and CEO of Mirasee

But it gets even better!

That's the Special Edition part ;-) 

There are 3 skills you need in order to pull off a Damn Good (PREMIUM) Webinar. 

1) Serious Writing Chops

2) Geek-Level Marketing Savvy

3) Real-World Webinar Experience

You need not just a "little" skill, but hundreds of hours each.  Maybe thousands.

I know. I know….  You probably expected me to say, "Hey, you don't need any skills at all, just follow my easy-peasy, step-by-step checklist, and in 7 minutes you’ll produce something worthy of an Oscar without even trying. You’ll make millions instantly! Trust me." It’s what you want to hear….

::rolling my eyes::

How about some honesty instead.

There are 2 impossible tasks
that keep you from holding a
Damn Good (Premium) Webinar
in your hot little hand.

Both of these "mission-impossible" tasks require a 

(a) shit-ton of experience, 

(b) mental agility and gymnastics, and

(c) mastery in 3 separate fields:

Writing + Marketing + Webinars.

So, unless you want to make crafting webinars your full-time career... (No, eh?)  What's a gal (or guy) to do?

(As you move forward, it's going to honestly suck not having these skills ...unless I fix this challenge for you, which I totally will. ;-)


Inside every world-class webinar is a very savvy strategic outline. 

As an insider, I call that “the webinar narrative.” It’s the complete conversation that meets your perfect buyers on one side... and moves them seamlessly to the offer on the other side.

The strategic outline has one purpose: It’s about teaching the value of the offer and weaving the essential 14 threads (or conversations) through your entire webinar, from start to finish.

If a webinar is going to fail, it almost always fails here. 

(PS.  No amount of tweaking the finished webinar will change that).


After you have a professional-level outline, all you need is a killer script. ;-)

Note: a killer script is written to
* sound just like you sound,
* hit all the nuances of psychology and marketing on the nose,
* speak your audience’s language, and
* create a journey that ends at your unique offer... all while giving the attendees exactly what they want to hear.

​​​​So you need to know what the heck you're doing. 

Great, how long does it take to know what the heck you're doing?

​Well... when I write client scripts, I have 30 years of writing and marketing to draw on.  Plus I've spent the last couple years delivering webinars professionally to thousands of people.

But let's talk about you.  ;-)


Would you like a shortcut?

What if...

  • I personally created the strategic outline for you (including pinpointing exactly what you should teach and when you should teach it)?  Sound good?
  • I take your script draft and level it up, baby, with a personal critique, revision notes... even give you the exact language you should use to create a Best-in-Class webinar of your very own?

(And I’m going to do it all for a crazy-low price that I’m kind of embarrassed to share.)

(No way?! Srsly?) 

Yes, for real.  So if this sounds even vaguely interesting, just keep reading…

Webinars That (don't) Suck 
(that's the dream in a nutshell)

After all, webinars are one of the most powerful mechanisms for making sales (and relationships)...

But I cringe when I hear people say, "I'm good at teaching!  I'll just teach something from my course or coaching program."

Why do I cringe?

Because I'm 99% sure that's not what you should teach at all. ;-)

Webinars are crazy complicated and a complete can of worms that can go pear shaped, fast.  But they don't look that way....  And that's the problem.  They look easy.  Especially the teaching.  But, whoa-there-boy, they aren't.

It’s my duty to point this out, because there’s a good chance you’ve attended webinars and are equating the “attendee” experience with the “scripting” experience.

Attendee Experience

"Oh, look, it’s a bunch of teaching with a groovy offer tacked on at the end!  I can do that."

Webinar Scripting Experience 

"Oh, crap, it’s an intricate dance that lasts the entire webinar, juggling multiple threads from intro to finish... most of them completely hidden from view."  =:-0

In a webinar... 

Every, single thing you SAY and TEACH is designed to sell with integrity... 

...making it easy for the right person to say, "Yes, please!"

  • Because your OFFER is the perfect solution that will FINALLY work,

  • Because YOU'RE the person to trust AND count on 100%, and

  • Because taking action NOW is the first step in a huge leap forward + happiness + HONEST-TO-GOODNESS TRANSFORMATIONS!

OMG, that means...

  • Communicating the value of the offer...
    ...doesn't just happen at the end; it happens all the way through!
  • Establishing authority and expertise...
    ...doesn't just happen at the end; it happens all the way through!
  • Overcoming sales objections...
    ...doesn't just happen at the end; it happens all the way through!
  • Grasping the opportunity, the hope, the hidden problem, the solution that changes everything...
    These happen all the way through!

(In fact, there are 14 essential threads you'll weave through your webinar from start to finish.)

And NEWS FLASH: None of these things is actually why folks register for a webinar. You still have to give your attendees *exactly* what THEY want to show up for… all the way through.

It’s about this point you realize WEBINARS ARE FREAKING MAGIC SHOWS! 

What’s happening in the spotlight delights the audience.

What's happening behind the curtain is everything you need them to experience in order to understand the genius of your offer (and you). 

OMG...  Mind.  Blown. 

Want to see an example?

I'll give you a Newbie Version and an Expert Version.  The Newbie Version is what most people think they should do.  The Expert Version is what webinar experts do!

Newbie Version

"You want to know how to create the perfect ending for your novel?  Here's an exercise!"

Expert Version

"Here’s why creating the perfect ending for your novel is tricky and even experts struggle:

"When something big isn’t working inside your story--like your ending--what you need to do is pinpoint exactly what the problem is, right? And then come up with the very best solution--a Game-Changer Ending!  

"But what is it?  You're struggling with that.  Where did it go wrong and why?  It could be on page 300 or page 375 or back on page 250.  All you know is something just isn't working!   If you already knew the answer, you’d know the perfect ending for your book... and have already written it!

"The truth is you just can’t see it.

"I know this because I write fiction, too.  I've been there. And you get to a certain point in your writing career where buying another book on Craft of Writing isn’t what you need. Heck, attending a course isn't even what you need.

"You need an expert who can look at your pages, really get your story, and pinpoint the perfect ending... and that's going to cost more than buying book on Amazon that doesn't help.  But you're in luck!  This is what I do every day, and here’s what I see when I look at endings for my clients.  Let's dive in...."

Why does the Expert Version work better?

In the Newbie Version...

You’ve given the attendees a free exercise and the delusion that all problems are solved. Thanks, I’m fine now. I call this type of teaching “putting a Band-Aid on a broken bone.”

In the Expert Version...
You’ve given the attendees

     * an honest understanding about the topic and compassion for the experience,

     * a transformed perspective, 

     * a chance to see you as a wise authority,  

     * an introduction to your unique selling proposition (uncovering game-changer endings),

     * the truth that "real help" costs more than a book (because real help will look at your pages and read your story), 

     * hope + clarity about what they could be seeing (with your help) when they look at endings--a mentoring approach that feels really good.

It comes down to this...

Which audience did you serve better?

When it comes to transformational “teaching-selling” webinars, you have the honor and deep responsibility of serving your audience in a meaningful way.

By showing up for them, being honest, sharing your insight and wisdom, and sharing content that matters, you serve them well.

And when it comes to webinars that convert, guess which example actually sells better? 

Well, gee, there are a lot of free exercises out there. But real help with an expert who looks at your actual writing? Heck, yes, sign me up!

So, if you want a webinar script with teaching like the Expert Version…

You Want a (Damn) Good Webinar!  

You want to do it right.  You want an expert-level "teaching-selling" webinar.  And you understand this will require a fair amount of writing, marketing, and webinar skills.

You're thinking, I might need some help...

Excellent!  I'm bringing the help!

Who the heck AM I?

I’m an Uber Geeky Sales + Writing + Teaching Expert who Swoons Over Webinar Creation. That’s who.

Diane Holmes

Diane Holmes, Webinar Geek

"There's an art and a science to developing an successful webinar. Even if you're a great speaker, there's no guarantee that your webinar will work. And that's why Diane is such a godsend. She'll save you weeks of frustration and eliminate your learning curve."  --Ron Friedman

You are amazing at what you do. Me, I’m amazing at “teaching-selling” webinars. ;-)

In fact, I’m a webinar geek… professionally.

  • I deliver webinars for a multi-million dollar company, selling a high-ticket offer, and I’ve engaged thousands of attendees.
  • I tailor webinars for multiple audiences and hosts, offer live workshopping, and lead live Q&A sessions.
  • I craft webinars for done-for-you clients, and I've constructed conversion funnels to help them change the world.
  • I teach a select few the secrets of creating their own high-converting webinars.

But am I the one to help you with your webinar?

The first thing that makes me truly unique in the world of webinars...

is that I was already a writer. A marketer. A teacher. For, like, 30 years.


I pretty much have a lifetime of crafting fiction, non-fiction, copy, web-content, and anything and everything that uses words.

Psst... Want to know the type of writing that helps me most as an entrepreneur and webinar champion?

Fiction writing. ;-)

There is no better training ground in understanding what your audience is thinking… than creating a few hundred characters and living inside their head for hundreds of pages.  


I can’t remember a time I didn’t study marketing for fun. Online marketing? Dude, I’ve been studying online marketing since it was invented. (I even have a degree in marketing, shhh.)

I have a lot of opinions about marketing, and they can be boiled down to “be a human being; relationships matter; and integrity is an action.”

And Teaching?

I’ve always taught. In person, online, in workshops, classes, retreats, continuing ed, coffee houses, living rooms, and I’ve mentored, coached, educated, influenced, championed, and taught thousands of people.

What did I teach? The missing pieces.

Whether it's writing, branding, marketing, or a dozen other topics... I teach eye-opening, game-changing, original material that helps people Level Up.

But the second reason I might be the perfect person to teach you how to craft your webinar... my unwavering belief in the phrase…

"You, be YOU." 

You are not a template. What you do is not a template. Your heart, your soul, your passion: it’s not a template.

There is no room in the world for another generic webinar. 

No room for a hype-filled webinar. A webinar that falls short, fails to create a human connection, or is forgotten an hour after it’s over.

Be real. Be authentic. Say important things. And always, always, ALWAYS sound exactly like you.

When people are scared of sounding like a sleazy sales guy, it’s because they think they should do it like [insert name here]. Or they’re following a template, and it’s just not working.

Stop. Just stop.

You, be you.

The trick of course, is that most folks don’t have a lot of experience with voice, writing in character, or translating what they need to accomplish with marketing… into their own voice.

But this is one of my biggest passions. I can help you with that.

And let’s be honest, You, Being You is a key part of the MAGIC SHOW. (The most important part from the audience's point-of-view.)

So, is there a shortcut to this Magic Show called Webinars?

I asked myself that very same question.

How can YOU get the kind of “Teaching-Selling” Webinars I create for my clients, one that sounds like you and does all that crazy magic we’ve been taking about…

...without spending 30 years on the road to Webinar Mastery?

Oh, wait, I have an idea!

It's called... 
Damn Good (Premium) Webinar 
(and it's My Brain in a Box)

How do I set you up for AMAZING webinar success?

Inside Damn Good (Premium) Webinar, you'll have access to my Secret Sauce. ;-)  

In other words, you'll learn everything I do to create a Damn Good Webinar Script that converts.  

All of it!

Starts (June 1st)  

In this live, Damn Cool, 4-Module Course...

You'll get the BEST course education, the BEST 1-on-1 mentoring, AND the BEST (most critical) done-for-you pieces...

All so  you can LEVEL UP fast...

...and walk away with a killer webinar script you can have complete confidence in.  Period.

You'll receive lessons PLUS live training (yes, it's recorded) to take you by the hand, so you can know what I know and do what I do.

In addition to that, you'll meet with me 1-on-1, in a 90-minute Strategic Outline session, where I do what I do best:  

* drill down into your offer,

* uncover the buying gap,

* validate audience assumptions and problems,

* highlight your message to the world, and

* delve into your expertise and genius.

After that, I blow your mind... and personally create your Strategic Outline for you.

You'll be supported through the scripting process and even get my critique, revision notes, and exact wording for your very own polished, professional Damn Good (Premiums) Webinar Script.

Let's take a look inside!

Module 0: A Damn Good Foundation

Want to change the world... for real?  

"Teaching-Selling" Webinars are the perfect vehicle for spreading ideas, shaping opinion, and inspiring action!   Marketing is a revolution, a mission, and a movement all rolled into one.  

Welcome to the game.

  • check
    Learn the mindset of a Webinar Winner
  • check
    Go behind the scenes in my world of Webinar Creation 
  • check
    Uncover the 14 Hidden Threads that run inside every world-class marketing webinar

Module 1: Webinar Detective Work

Generic webinars?  Not here! 

Custom, premium webinars require laser insight into your specific offer and audience. 

But this isn't your ordinary "avatar" (aka buyer persona or ideal client ) worksheet, nor is it your standard "irresistible offer" cheatsheet.  Nope.

This is about finding gaps in understanding and being able to use the right language. 

If you were a ninja, this would be your set of shiny throwing stars.

  • check
    Pinpoint the unique language of your buyer, your offer, your brand, and even YOU!
  • check
    Uncover the problem your audience thinks you solve for them… plus the problem you REALLY solve for them
  • check
    Book Your 1-on-1 Strategy Session with Diane!  This is where I find all the missing pieces you don't know to look for. ;-)

Stragetic Outline Magic Time!

This is what I do for my private clients. :-D

I take all your work from Module 1, plus what I've learned from our Strategy Session... and get to cracking! 

I'll create a customized Strategic Outline just for you, one that's designed to take your specific audience on an amazing journey and convert your unique offer effortlessly. (I use all my skills here, and I normally charge $3,000 for this piece alone.)

When I'm done...

You'll receive a tailor-made, step-by-step outline of everything you should include in your own Damn Good (Premium) Webinar, from your introduction to your very own live Q&A at the end. 

(Yes, what you should teach, too!)


Let the Magic Show begin.

  • check
    I'll uncover exactly what you need to teach, to create excited attendees who simply must register for your webinar! 
  • check
    I'll showcase your authority and expertise, while also creating a great relationship with your attendees that lasts long after the webinar is over
  • check
    I'll make sure you overcome buying objections and make it easy for the right people to say "yes" to your offer
  • check
    I'll make sure every single one of the 14 hidden conversations you must include in your webinar is accounted for, and your webinar is set to be Best-In-Class

Module 2: Webinar “Secret Sauce” Subjects

What do webinar professionals know that you don't?

Do you wish you knew what Webinar Experts knew?  This is your chance. Seize it, baby!

You're officially behind the curtain.  Welcome to the club.

  • check
    Decide on your Call-To-Action Strategy
  • check
    Create the "Proof Elements" you need to communicate your authority, expertise, and skills
  • check
    Find Your Perfect Story (the one that should go in your webinar because it links your audience to your offer)
  • check
    Identify the uncommon objections that are specific to your offer (hint: it's often what you're most proud of) 

Module 3: Damn Good Webinar Scripting

Teaching you to fish.  WOO HOO!  Let's go fishing!

Your goal: take your custom Strategic Outline... and create a professional script, right?  Hell, yes! 

This is how you become a webinar superhero.

  • check
    How to choose the right Writing/Drafting Styles for you
  • check
    Harness your Voice, your Audience's Voice, and "Webinar Casual" Voice... to create an authentic experience you love delivering over and over again :-D
  • check
    Write each block of webinar content like a pro, from Into to Offer
  • check
    Send your draft to Diane!  This is where I help you really Level Up, see the things you can't see, and walk away with a professional-level webinar script.

Webinar Script Critique Magic Time!

Never, ever wonder if your script is "good enough."  I've got your back.

I'll take your script draft and give you a "Level-Up Critique" that not only tells you what to do next... but even gives you key word-for-word language to use where it really matters most.

Few entrepreneurs have the luxury of "sitting beside insiders"... absorbing the nuances and having them actually look at your work (and share how they'd do it, if this were their script so your learning is exponential).  

But you do.  

  • check
    I'll make double sure you have every teaching-selling element nailed, baby, so you can delight your audience and convert your offer
  • check
    I'll help you fine-tune how you speak to your audience (using their language), while maintaining your personal voice (and sounding like the real you!) in every, single sentence 
  • check
    I'll help you master every element of your webinar, and make sure you avoid hidden potholes that accidentally convince folks not to buy (or leave them confused).  Oops.  Instead, we'll make sure your webinar is full of transformational moments of education nirvana, containing pure brilliance.

Module 4: Damn Good Webinar Critique + Polishing

I call this your Level Up Draft, where you get to call your script Damn Good.

Take the lessons from my Level-Up Critique, and make them your own.

Imagine how excited you'll be to deliver this to your first webinar audience!

  • check
    Choose the Right Next-Draft Revision Style for You
  • check
    Polish and Improve Your Draft… Even More!
  • check
    Where to go from here: Your Roadmap Forward

BONUS #1: Damn Good Engagement

Harness the Incredible Power of Active Participation!

Have you ever attended a webinar... and gotten distracted by your own email (or even the dirty dishes waiting to be washed)?

That's because watching webinars can be a very passive experience.


You don't want that.  

Learn all the tools, tricks, and tips of keeping your audience engaged before, during, and after your webinar.

BONUS #2: Damn Good Slide Critique
(Get my expert design help!)

Some slides suck....  Don't do that. ;-)

There are 4 things your slides simply must do:

     * keep your attendees dazzled and engaged,

     * add an additional layer of education and understanding,

     * present a strong Brand Story, and

     * act as "speaker" notes.

Yet, creating this type of slide is a hidden art.


Time to master that art, right?  

Create the first 10 slides of your presentation.  Then submit them for critique!  

I'll give you professional feedback... and even create versions of my own where helpful, to show you exactly how to become a Slide Ninja.

BONUS #3: Damn Good Webinar Delivery

Delivering a webinar is one-part keynote speech, one-part relationship building, and one-part coffee chat in your living room. ;-)

Sound authentic and conversational (even though you're alone with only your dog giving you feedback).

Carry the "emotional burden" of the event so your attendees are as excited as you are.

Determine if it's going well... and learn what to do if no one participates in your engagement sections (because sometimes this happens to even the very best webinar hosts).

Create a backup plan for tech snafus and all the unforeseen firetruck sirens, interruptions, and real-world surprises.


Yes, I want to Go Pro! 

There are things you only know AFTER you go live.  Learn them now so you can be prepared, sound your best, and relax and enjoy the show!

BONUS #4: Damn Good Webinar Accountability

Even CEOs need Accountability.  (Heck, especially CEOs!)

Frustrated by the moments you find yourself avoiding, procrastinating, or spinning your wheels? (And you absolutely don't want webinars to end up this way?)

Constantly sidetracked by the things you "have" to do... instead of the things that move your business forward, like webinars?

Have a deadline for your webinar... and want to make Damn Sure you meet that deadline?


I have a solution!

Join me in accountability that WORKS!  It's success-based and super easy.  (Best yet?  It's not on Facebook, land of distraction.)

​omg, omg, omg...
Hell yes! 
(Sign me up, mama!) 

Insanely low price...

As I mention in my secret message... this is probably a one-time event (and I've priced it insanely low, I have to confess).

How low?

When you make ONE or TWO SALES from your premium offer... you'll have MORE than paid for this course. ;-)

Think about that.  Just one or two sales.  BOOM.  Investment recouped + Lifetime Skillz Achieved.

But first... what do I charge my private clients for these services and this type of education?

What I charge OTHERS...

  • check
    Done-For-You Strategic Webinar Outline... skillfully juggling all 14 threads,  capturing exactly what to teach and how to craft your offer (VALUE $3,000)
  • check
    Level-Up Webinar Script Critique... including the exact language I use when writing client scripts (VALUE $1000)
  • check
    All the insider secrets, hacks, and teachings--from Foundation to Finished Script, from 30 years of writing, marketing, and teaching experience (VALUE $997)
  • check
    BONUS #1  Damn Good Engagement: Learn all the tools, tricks, and tips of keeping your audience engaged before, during, and after your webinar. (VALUE $297)
  • check
    BONUS #2  Damn Good Slide Critique: I'll give you professional feedback... and even create versions of my own to show you exactly how to become a Slide Ninja. (VALUE $550)
  • check
    BONUS #3  Damn Good Webinar Delivery: There are things you only know AFTER you go live.  Learn them now so you can be prepared, sound your best, and relax and enjoy the show! (VALUE $750)
  • check
    BONUS #4  Two months of Professional-Level Accountability, so you'll never be stuck.  You will get your script DONE, baby, DONE! (VALUE: $397)

$7,000.  That's what I should charge. ;-)

But you want the insanely low price, right? (Frankly, I hope my business coach isn't reading this, because he will roll his eyes.)

Here's what I put together for you.

Tuition in 
Damn Good (Premium) Webinar 
(you won't believe this...)

only... $697

I know!  It's like 90% off, right?

If you EVER plan to use "teaching-selling" webinars in your marketing strategy... 

It's such a fantastic offer... there's no better time. 

Ron Friedman Ph.D.

“I turned to Diane during my first launch, and her deep knowledge and expert insights generated thousands of dollars...."

"She'll save you weeks of frustration, eliminate your learning curve, and ensure that you capitalize on the opportunities you have -- because you don't get a second chance to make a first impression."

Ron Friedman, Ph.D.
- Founder of Ignite80, author of The Best Place to Work

And it even comes with a guarantee....

100% Happiness Guarantee

I believe in you.  I really do. :-D  I talk to thousands of entrepreneurs like you every year (doing webinars, of course), and my favorite part is championing your dreams.   I want you to know my heart is in the right place, and I'm here to help you change the world.  

You have a 14-day, money-back guarantee when you buy.  Once the course starts, come inside Damn Good (Premium) Webinar, do the work, and even book your 1-on-1 appointment with me.   

If for any reason you're not happy, just let me know, and I'll send you a prompt refund. 

Let's do good work together!

Click here to sign up!  

You'll be taken to Paypal, and you don't have to have an account to pay.

I'll contact you personally to welcome you aboard!

Want a nudge?'s Now or never...

I have 2 goals in this Special Edition version of Damn Good (Premium) Webinar.

I know you're probably wondering why-oh-why would I offer something at such a substantial discount, amiright?

There are 2 wins for me, and I don't mind sharing them. :-)

1) This is the beta version of the course, and I want to help entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, healers (all you guys) level up as FAST AS POSSIBLE... when it comes to webinars.  This is my chance to get your feedback.

2) I'm excited to create some stellar Case Studies for the final version of this course, a future book, and so on.

Why are Case Studies such a big deal?  When it comes to teaching webinar scripting, the most helpful education isn't just theory.  It's real life examples of what works.  

From my perspective, this one-time Special Event is dedicated to getting key feedback and developing genius Case Studies.

And this is a HUGE win for you, as well. :-)

In these Case Studies, I'll be promoting you and your offer!  You can give me your URL, your offer landing page, opt-in funnel, whatever serves you best :-)

You can gain exposure to a much wider audience of potential buyers over the coming months.  

(And when you launch your webinar, I'm even super-happy to let everyone know!)

So you can see, this really is a one-time Special Event.  Once I have the feedback I need and the Case Studies built...  the event (and low pricing) is over.

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I'll contact you personally to welcome you aboard!

You're going to (Love) this experience!

  • You'll finally have your own transformational “teaching-selling” webinar
  • You'll give attendees a world-class experience offering real value and solving real problems
  • You'll sound like “the real you” (zero hype or sleaze!) and come across as truly authentic… while delivering a webinar that actually converts
  • You’ll truly connect and engage with people in a way that grows your reputation and your audience

I can't wait to help you create your own Damn Good (Premium) Webinar Script!

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I'll contact you personally to welcome you aboard!

Still Have Questions? 

Q:  What if I miss some of the classes?

A:  No worries.  Some content will be presented on video and some will be live, during weekly classes.  All live classes will be taped.

Q:  Is this self-study or "cohort" based?

A:  Cohort based. :-)

We're going through the course together, which is great for accountability and actually "getting it done"!  That said, there's a lot of flexibility built into the schedule, so if you're, say, on vacation one week, you won't be toast. ;-)

Q:  When will the course end?

A:  The course is meant to run June 1st - August 1st (with 6 additional months of access to the material).  This means you could actually launch your webinar this Fall!


Q:  Can I do the course faster/slower?

A:  Email me to discuss at 

Q:  Will there be transcripts of the videos?

A:  No, not in this Special Edition.  It's cost prohibitive to produce a fully edited, professional transcript.  But if your issue is wanting to "go through material faster," I highly recommend the "Video Speed Controller" Chrome plugin.   It rocks!

Q:  What if I'm still creating my offer and my audience? Can I take this course?

A:  Sure!  

As long as you know what the offer will be (example: you'll create a course and you have a content outline) and who will buy it (example: you've spoken with your ideal student and know how she thinks and speaks), then you're good to go.

Q:  What if I don't have an audience at all?  Can I still take the course?

A:  Sure!  

There are a lot of moving pieces in building a business, and you can work on things simultaneously.  You'll need to eventually answer the question, "Where will I get my attendees." Whether you decide to build your own audience, network with JV partners, or create Facebook or Google Ads, finding the answer will be something to put on your To Do list.

Q:  I have a business partner/copywriter/launch manager who will be the one writing the webinar.  Can he/she have access to this course?

A:  Sure!  That makes perfect sense.  

All I ask is that you (a) decide who is the "student" who will be asking questions, (b) focus on only one webinar during the live course, and (c) both of you come to the 1-on-1 strategy session with me (so we're all in sync).  

Q:  What if I have a disability?

A:  No problem!  

I'll do my best to create an easy learning environment for you.  Just let me know what adaptive technology you're using and how I can make the content easier to access for you.  

Q:  Other questions?

A:  No problem!  Write me at

Click here to sign up!  

You'll be taken to Paypal, and you don't have to have an account to pay.

I'll contact you personally to welcome you aboard!

Charles Byrd

“Diane works with some of the biggest names in the industry..."

“Diane knows webinars.  She's a very articulate writer who knows pacing and speed. She's passionate about webinars and passionate about making people's lives better by learning the art of an effective and high-converting webinar.

"If there's one person you can trust, it's Diane."

Charles Byrd
- Founder of the productivity company Byrd Word and
Karen Covy

“​Diane provided invaluable advice on my latest webinar..."

Her insight, experience and expertise helped me turn a wildly mediocre webinar into a truly outstanding, interactive webinar that really helped me achieve my business objectives."

Karen Covy
- Divorce Adviser, Attorney, Mediator & Coach

Diane is the go to person I send my clients to..."

“...whenever they have an issue with their webinar converting.  She gets to the core of what’s not working through an in depth analysis, and is able to give concrete next steps to make the webinar much better.

Moreover, she’s who we hired within Mirasee to run our own webinars, thanks to her awesome personality, great on camera presence, and amazing storytelling skills."

Ari Iny
- Talent Manager & Partner Liaison @ Mirasee.
Ari Iny, Mirasee

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